Sylvia Godwin is a lover of books, so much, so she started writing them. She writes both Young and New Adult Fantasy and Romance. She began officially writing (very imaginative essays don’t count) on wattpad under a pseudonym for a few years before finally publishing her work. Her first published book ‘Is It Too Late’ is available in your favourite retailers. She loves reading, ice cream and taking long walks.



Contact details

1) Email :  godwinsylvia6@gmail.com

2) Twitter:  authorsylviago1

3) Instagram : authorsylviagodwin

4) Bookbub :  Sylvia Godwin




Is It Too Late

Universal link – https://books2read.com/Isittoolate



Coming soon


She’s on the run from an unwanted future, he’s on a bet imposed vacation, after one accidental meeting, she can’t get him out of her mind even though she knows getting close to anyone would be dangerous for them. She moves into her new cabin and guess who her new neighbour is, what are the odds of them being able to stay away from each other? Against a strong opposition, she needs an even stronger ally, him, even if he ends up digging up age old secrets that might just save everything while destroying everything she thought she knew.


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