Theresa ran from an unwanted future, and fate brought her to a small town in what feels like the middle of nowhere.

Caine was lost in the pains of his past, and a bet landed him in a small town in Idaho. He was wondering what to do with himself, then he saw her. something about her called to him no matter how hard he fought.

she knows she shouldn’t. Being with him would be too dangerous, especially for him when her past catches up with her, but that is easier said than done. Circumstances keep pushing them together, and she’s realizing some things aren’t exactly as they seem.

But first, he must confront her past where it seems everything she thought she knew, were all lies

Is It Too Late?:

A young adult novel

I know running is the Coward’s way out. But I had to get out, I had lived with my secret and pain for too long, overhearing that conversation was just the last straw.

Something happened, years ago even, I thought I was over it, but apparently burying bad memories doesn’t make them go away. A lot has happened since then, now my new friend’s in trouble and I’m forced to face my demons.

I’ve finally realised, Its time to stop running and go home, hoping its not too late to tell them the truth and reclaim all I threw away, especially Ryan.