Should I publish it? Questions to answer before publishing

So you’ve written a story (congrats on that by the way, it is no easy feat), you’ve given it to your family and friends and their feedback is nothing short of amazing. So now you’re thinking to yourself, the next thing would be to publish it, right?

Hold on. You’re totally right, after putting all that effort into birthing a story, then it’s only right you don’t deprive people the joy of experiencing it.

However, publishing a story takes a whole lot more than just writing a good story, and family and friends (bless their good hearts and intentions) would rarely give an unbiased opinion about your work. I would know, mine kept telling me the story was really good even as I was feeling it was missing something. I still don’t know what to believe, you can get said story from your preferred retailer. Is It Too Late? By Sylvia Godwin. We can forgive them though because we know they mean well.

There are many factors to consider before actually publishing your work. I like to call it:

They are:

1. Has it been thoroughly edited and proofread?

2. Have you designed a kickass cover? Preferably, professionally unless you’re a design artist yourself.

3. Have you thoroughly researched and decided on your mode of publication? whether you’re publishing traditionally or Independently.

4. If you’re going Indie, have you researched the various retailers you intend to publish at, their requirements and how your book can thrive in their stores?

5. Do you have a marketing strategy in place?

If your answer to these questions were no, then NO you definitely shouldn’t publish your book. Don’t make the same mistake I made. When I published my first book which is, Is It Too Late? I barely knew anything about the publishing world. I stumbled upon smashwords and it was, hallelujah! I can publish for free, so I did and sat at home waiting for for the royalties to roll in, but boy was I wrong?

However, if your answer to questions were yes, then CONGRATULATIONS, You’re part of the few that get it right the first time. I have however come very far from my level of ignorance just a few months ago, thank you internet and articles from so many well meaning people aimed at educating anyone who cares to know.

I will be expounding more in subsequent posts on those 5 points I believe are very important before publishing. Next week I’ll be talking about editing, and editing hacks to employ when your pocket is simply too dry to hire a professional one.

No one wants to read a badly edited book, trust me, I also found that out the wrong way. More on that in subsequent posts too.

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